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Get Noticed! Key Resume Tips to being Discovered by Top Employers

getnoticed1I had an opportunity to visit one of the world’s loveliest natural parks a couple of weeks ago.  In taking a walk up to view the famous gorge and waterfalls, I couldn’t help but notice the spectacular beauty of the sheer bluffs. Massive grey rocks sheared by man to provide a walkway, sheared by nature with each Spring’s snow melt, it was a stunning combination of purely massive rock and powerful water below. In the midst of all that impressive grey I glimpsed a few flashes of stark white. A closer look really surprised me and made me smile. The little white things were actually beautiful ivory colored flowers- growing right out of the side of a seemingly impermeable sheer mountain face!

That was such a reminder for all of us that have been in tough spots- the “stuck between a rock and a hard place” moments ~ when those moments in life come at us, it’s such a sweet reminder to see the hardy pluck and grit of a little sign from nature reminding us that we, too, can bloom in adversity.

Whether you’re unemployed and in a job search, or stuck in a tough job situation, facing hardships at home or whatever your struggle is today- BE ENCOURAGED. Look around and catch the glimmers and glimpses of encouragement and hang in there!

Here are 3 Essential Resume Tips to ensure you Get Noticed when you submit your resume online and get results!

When the time comes and you decide to explore the job market you may be like a lot of people and find yourself quickly overwhelmed with the volume of information on the web.

Use my 3 step guide to make the process SIMPLE, EASY, AND EFFECTIVE!

Step One: Create

1. Create or Update your resume. There are countless templates available for free on the internet. Google “Free Resume Templates” or visit this page.

2. Have your resume proofed by several friends. Fresh eyes catch mistakes and you want to avoid a poor first impression with a prospective employer due to spelling and grammatical errors.

➢ Does your resume have a logical flow?

➢ Does it answer the questions of what you have been doing and what you’re skilled to do?

➢ Is it long enough to cover the important parts and short enough to keep their interest?

Now that your resume is visually appealing with a professional template and content rich with good information about your career experience, you are now ready to share it with the world.

Step Two: Upload

1. Determine based on your skill set and career experience which job boards to register with.  While some of the ‘big box’ boards are still effective somewhat, niche JB’s are your best bet to connect with your next employer.

AutoJobLink.com, Roilandgasjobs.com, and BubbleJobs are some great examples depending on your industry expertise.  You will find that most reputable Niche job boards have the vast majority of industry employers actively searching and connecting with the top industry talent on their site. So this is a win-win for the job seeker and the employer.

Tailor your resume- a generic, bland (aka “boring”) resume will get you nowhere. Engage your brain- think of what position you want to be recruited for and design your resume accordingly. Think of it like the difference in a cheap polyester suit that hangs funny on you versus a tailored suit that accentuates your best features!

2. Complete your online job board resume and profile thoroughly. Accurate, thorough information helps a recruiter or employer to quickly assess whether a phone call or email would be worthwhile.  Remember, this is the first step and could be a deal killer if your resume doesn’t adequately reflect your skill set and background while positioning you ahead of the rest.

3. Include your realistic salary range- a 10,000-15,000 range is acceptable.

4. If at all possible, do not blind your online resume. It is extremely cumbersome to connect with candidates that do not list their cell phone, email, etc.

Step Three: Keep it Current!

1. Refresh Weekly- Most people aren’t aware that there are two simple ways that resume results are listed on a Recruiter’s search screen.

➢ They are listed by relevance- how much similarity the resume has to the key words the Recruiter entered into their search screen OR by Date Modified.

➢ Date Modified is pretty self-explanatory- clearly it behooves a Job Seeker to update and refresh their information frequently. Who wants to be buried under 100 of your competitor resumes? Absolutely not!

2. Respond Quickly- most recruiters and employers work from a short list of similarly qualified candidates- so it’s really important to answer the phone or email promptly.  Three days later and the window of opportunity may be closed, the market is just that competitive!

About the Author(s)

As with most valuable content online (that’s worth reading,) the best is usually a joint effort.  This article is no exception.  The Auto Job Link staff–beginning with the Founders–are always hard at work to provide content rich resources for it’s valued readers.   With over 30 years of combined experience with Automotive OEM and Tier Supplier Manufacturing, Recruitment, HR, Advertising, and Executive Management,the AJL team thrives on providing a network and resources for great people to connect with excellent Automotive Talent.  You can follow the AJL team on Twitter here, add them to your Google+ circles here, Like Us on Facebook here, or Follow Us on Linkedin here.