The Four Most Costly Errors Job Seekers Make



Our team tends to write about whatever is on our mind most of the time. This week—like most—certain trends among Job Seekers, Recruiters, and/or Employers become prevalent. 

We’ve noticed recently a significant uptick in ‘wandering job seekers.’ Now you’re thinking, “What’s a ‘wandering job seeker?” It’s simple really—basically, job seekers ‘wander’ from place to place online or among their friends and family—without any real strategy or plan of action. A key indicator is if you find yourself currently unemployed—and you are just now beginning to think about your action plan. Don’t feel bad—you’re not alone! However, it is time you kicked it into high gear because the clock is ticking and there are countless others in the same boat—many of which are also pursuing the same open position.

In order to build the best plan, it’s important to understand clearly what NOT to do. Here’s what we see all too frequently. If you can avoid these costly errors and use these job search tips to your advantage, this will catapult you to the front of the line.

1. No Plan – this is the opposite of having a plan. Most people are so focused on their career or their current role that they fail to look ahead. Maybe you didn’t see the lay-off coming. Maybe you didn’t anticipate unforeseen circumstances in your family that prompted a somewhat sudden change in your career. Whatever the situation, at the moment, you have nothing. If you fall into this category right now, keep reading. Also, you will definitely want to peruse our blog for useful tips and advice.

If you are reading this and feel fortunate because you don’t find yourself in this situation, then exhale—but get to work! Ask yourself, ‘What would I do if things changed suddenly?’ Now is the time to map out a strategy and this starts with the next critical error we often see.

2. No Network – this is the opposite of having a solid network. Having business professionals, recruiters, colleagues, and hiring managers around you that can provide you solid advice and make referrals on your behalf. Did we mention a great recruiter? If you are one of the best in your respective field, it doesn’t benefit you if you aren’t connected. So get connected!

3. No Tailored Resume – posting your resume on niche job boards is absolutely a must. However, EVERY employer has it’s unique set of hot buttons that frankly may or may not be written in the job description. When you make initial contact with a Recruiter or Hiring Manager, listen carefully for these items. Take notes! When they say, ‘Jim, I have a copy of your resume that I found online, is this the most current?’ Your answer should almost always be ‘NO…but I will be happy to send an updated resume over to you right away.’ This gives you the opportunity to tailor your resume according to the Employer’s hot buttons. Essentially, you want to emphasize the BEST fit between your skills and experience and their needs and desires. Do away with things like ‘self-starter’ or some long Objective Statement at the top and replace it with bulleted career highlights that speak directly to the employers’ needs.

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4. No Preparation – this is the opposite of being prepared. If it’s a phone interview, an in-person, a tailored resume, or simply ‘looking the part,’ preparation is the key. You may know everything there is to know about Electrical Engineering, but relatively speaking, you know little about interviewing because you don’t get to practice very often. This is where a recruiter or career coach is worth their weight in gold. If you are highly skilled, or even a senior executive, guess what—so are the other four individuals interviewing for the same position. How will you set yourself apart? It begins and ends with preparation and implementation.

Avoid these pitfalls and you will be on the fast track to the next step in your career.


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As with most valuable content online (that’s worth reading,) the best is usually a joint effort.  This article is no exception.  The Auto Job Link staff–beginning with the Founders–are always hard at work to provide content rich resources for it’s valued readers.   With over 30 years of combined experience with Automotive OEM and Tier Supplier Manufacturing, Recruitment, HR, Advertising, and Executive Management,the AJL team thrives on providing a network and resources for great people to connect with excellent Automotive Talent.  You can follow the AJL team on Twitter here, add them to your Google+ circles here, Like Us on Facebook here, or Follow Us on Linkedin here.

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