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Personal Branding on Green Puzzle.

Is your Online Profile Attractive to your Desired Employer?

Personal Branding on Green Puzzle.Depending on the industry you work in, you’ve heard varying levels of insight and advice from colleagues, experts, industry articles, and water cooler conversations to know that in today’s employment market, you must have a solid professional profile on LinkedIn in addition to other niche social networks. But what’s missed in the discussion is the fact that what you include and/or omit in your profile could result in doing more harm to your career than good. Another important point that top job seekers (active or passive) miss is that most of the employers or recruiters that are searching for someone with your skills and background are experts at what they do—and typically overloaded with their own to-do list. Therefore, they typically will spend no more than 7-13 seconds reviewing what you have shared if you don’t give them what they are looking for within that timespan. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure that you have positioned yourself so that your next Employer can find you.

1. Keywords – the number one most important aspect of your profile. Although it’s a simple concept, it’s often overlooked by job seekers and without the proper keywords, essentially deems your profile undetectable. If your current employer has given you a unique position title that frankly no one else understands except them—BE SURE you simplify it and/or re-word it in your profile. For example, if your title is a senior level position labeled ‘Enhanced Standards Leader,’ then it’s probably best to add ‘Quality Manager’ or ‘Director of Quality’ to your profile. The main takeaway is to make it as easy as possible for someone who is looking for you to find you.

2. Industry Labels – most employers desired to hire talent from their industry in most scenarios. That said, if you have 12 years of experience in Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Manufacturing, or Medical Equipment, be sure you include the industry term ‘Aerospace.’ Many job seekers will include two or three paragraphs about their roles and responsibilities, but they fail to simply include this important item. If your thought process is “I’m willing to consider more than one industry for my next role” just be sure that you are willing to be left out of consideration for a role in which you specialize. SPECIALIZATION IS KING today’s job market.

3. Bulleted Duties and Qualifications – This is similar to the keyword aspect of your resume. Most employers are looking for the ‘needle in the haystack’ and in most cases a specific skill set that is unique to their specific role or requirements. If you are a certified user of a specific software, robotics programming, or industry certification, include it.

4. Add-Ons – just say no. It’s very tempting to include a YouTube video from your last company party or a profile photo that includes your family and family pet, but you can save yourself some heartache and heed this advice, don’t do it. Less IS more in this case. If it’s ever a question in your mind to bring a glimpse of your personal life into your professional resume, the answer is almost always ‘never.’ While the moral aspect of this advice is debatable, the results aren’t. Again, put this one on your list and check it twice.

The fact is your Online Profile is always effective. It either attracts great employers or repels them. Checking off the items on this list will ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to be discovered by your intended audience—in this case, your next great employer.



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