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Auto Job Link Accelerates onto the Global Automotive Scene

CorvetteAcceleration2It’s been less than a year since its inception, but based on the number of job search results at, it is evident that the global demand for automotive talent is fiercely competitive—not to mention alive and well. Fortunately for employers and professionals alike, Auto Job Link has created the industry’s first global community center where both can meet—in a passive or active search environment.

Chad Goodson, Founder and CEO, speaks to the early success of the new venture in a highly competitive field. “For those of us who have been close to the auto industry for so long, we’ve seen how much it has evolved over the past 10 years.”

As a 20-year veteran in Automotive Marketing and Recruitment, Goodson spoke directly on the evolving automotive jobs market. He highlighted the transformation in Detroit over the past 5 years stating that many moved away to other Automotive Hubs from Tuscaloosa to Spartanburg and Stuttgart. But almost the same number have moved into the Motor City not only from other states but from all over the world. “It’s a global market and with the ongoing industry surge, there is a fierce battle taking place for the top talent. Companies aren’t willing to sacrifice results for less than the best workforce, but they also don’t have the time and resources to invest in search tools that don’t produce the desired results.”

He hints that this is the primary reason why has seen so much success in just a few short months. Goodson is convinced, “An active social community for our industry is vital. Conventional resume searches and job postings on big-box boards is no longer cutting it and it only makes sense to today’s market that there is one place for them to meet.”

According to Goodson, some prefer the “been there done that” individual but even more so many want “the next great up-and-comer” with high energy and fresh ideas that’s poised to forge a path ahead of their top competitors.

He was also quick to point out loyalty on both sides—employers and employees alike—is wavering. “We don’t see as many of the 15-year vets of one company out there today as we did in years past.” This is the case for several reasons. “OEM’s and Suppliers both are under extreme pressure to perform and deliver—therefore, they aren’t afraid to make a change if they feel it will improve their results.”

Likewise, in most auto manufacturing markets around the world—even in Europe and Asia—highly skilled professionals realize their services are in demand and their next big promotion is very likely with another company. “It truly is a big fraternity—and most aren’t afraid to make a drastic move professionally and geographically. Employers who realize this evolving phenomenon are the ones leading the way and those that don’t are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up. We expect it to be this way for the foreseeable future. We don’t anticipate it will change anytime soon—if ever.”